Charcot Restraint Orthosis (CROWALKER)

Charcot Restraint Orthosis (CROWALKER)

All of our Orthoses are custom-made for each patient, using a plaster cast of the patient to ensure accurate measurements. Using the highest quality materials, we create a robust orthosis which will control and support, whilst providing maximum comfort for the patient.

Our Charcot Restraint Orthosis, Cronic Relief Orthosis or otherwise known as a CROWALKER is custom made for the patients individual needs. A plaster cast is taken of the patient’s lower limb, ankle and foot to ensure accurate measurements. Using the highest quality materials we create this custom moulded clamshell Charcot Restraint Orthosis, which immobilizes, relieves pressure and controls swelling of the ankle and foot.

Common causes are Charcot foot, stress fractures and planter ulcers.



Before putting on the CROWALKER, consider wearing long cotton socks or tights which cover all areas of the skin that come into contact with the CROWALKER. For maximum comfort, ensure that it is well fitting to avoid any creases inside the CROWALKER.

It is important to regularly check your skin for signs of soreness, especially in the first few days of wear. If you experience any discomfort, blistering or severe redness of the skin please report it to your Orthotist.

To clean your CROWALKER, simply wipe over with a damp cloth and leave to dry. Do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaning products.

Please do not try to adjust the CROWALKER yourself, if you feel that it isn’t fitting correctly, then please contact your Orthotist.


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